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A will is an effective way to protect the long-term interests of your family. Furthermore, a will allows you to specify how your assets and property should be distributed following your death. If you are looking to outline a will, The Law Office of Mark D. Lewis is here for you.

With more than thirty-three years of experience with wills in Gardner, KS, I will serve you with the trusts, legal consultation, and high asset planning legal services you need to protect your loved ones. A will can help make the transition after your death as seamless as possible for your family members.

Wills typically detail your estate, name which individuals will receive which assets, and establish any specific wishes you may have. There are many requirements that regulate the creation of a will in the state of Kansas.

First, you must be over the age of eighteen and be of a sound mind. Second, all wills must be in writing and signed by you and two witnesses. It is recommended that these witnesses are not beneficiaries of your will. Furthermore, unless your will is witnessed by two non-beneficiary witnesses, any gift to an interested witness is considered void.

Failing to follow these guidelines could result in the inauthenticity of your will. In turn, your friends and loved ones would have to receive your property and assets through probate court. My legal team and I will work tirelessly to see that you are able to pass your assets and property to your family members without hassle. Stop by my office today, and speak with me in more depth about wills.