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Getting a divorce can lead to a variety of contentious legal issues. Whether it is the formation of a child custody agreement, creating a visitation schedule, or altering a child support agreement, the legal issues associated with the divorce process can be very nuanced. If you need help with these issues, The Law Office of Mark D. Lewis can be of assistance.

With more than thirty-three years of experience as a divorce lawyer in Gardner, KS, my legal team and I will serve you with the alimony, child custody, child visitation, and child custody support services you need to navigate the divorce process. Depending on the financial circumstances of you and your former spouse, one of you may be awarded alimony payments during the divorce process.

Everything from your current salary and assets to your debt will factor into who is awarded these payments. No matter your position in this scenario, my legal team and I will help you find solutions. In the event you have children, you will need to fight for their custody during a divorce proceeding. While it is understandable to desire full time custody of your children, it is important to make a decision that puts their interests first. I will do everything in my power to help you reach this decision.

Contrarily, you will need to formulate a visitation schedule if you have lost a child custody battle. As your visitation rights will be dependent upon the schedule of both your former spouse and your children, creating an effective visitation schedule can be difficult. I will see that you are able to reach an amicable agreement, en route to providing your children with the care and love that they need.

Finally, my child support services will help you reach a practical child support agreement. If your child lives with your former spouse, they will more than likely be awarded some form of child support payments. Whether you are looking to create a new child support agreement or modify a current one, I will help you find a financial plan that works for you, your former spouse, and your children.

I strive to provide my clients with the legal expertise and knowledge they need to obtain successful results during the divorce process. Speak with my trusted staff as soon as possible about the ways in which my general practice can aid you during your divorce.